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Crystal Properties - Chrysocolla and Dark Mica Flakes.  The refreshing and rejuvenating Chrysocolla crystal properties enhance your life-force energy, inspiring you to bring fresh energy into your pursuits. The soothing water-like aspects also adds an infusion of calming energy into your life, helping you to move fluidly and harmoniously through all aspects of your life.

Aroma - A burst of orange and the sparkle of fresh fruity tones adds pop to this fresh blend. Green highlights create a natural sensation while a blend of lush berries forms the fragrance heart. Creamy undertones of fruit pulp support the blend.Notes: Top - Orange, FruitMiddle - Berry, GreenBottom - Creamy Fruit Pulp

Size and Wax - Large 16oz Candle made with a full POUND of 100% Organic Soy Wax

Burn Time - Approx 128 hours! 

Space Dolphin - 16oz Candle - Chrysocolla and Dark Mica Flakes